Forging the Physique
Monday, March 21, 2005
***Shut down***

This blog has been discontinued. Please update your links to my main blog, Words, Weights, Whatever. Thanks! I plan to shut down this blog in the next few weeks.

Monday, February 14, 2005
***Knocked out***
As noted in my regular blog, I was sick last week. Though feeling much better now (except for the persistant cough), I've decided to hold off working out in any form until March.

Grrr. There are disadvantages of being married to a physician.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
***New month resolution: fitness***
Unlike my writing (see Way), I've been hitting the gym more or less regularly. Unfortunately, "hitting the gym" has amounted to average one a week. Not good: as one gets older, it takes more effort just to maintain one's body to its youthful level ("youthful" being relative. I can never have a fit twenty-year old body again.)

Fortunately, I have experience behind me, having successfully lost weight and reshaped my body a few years ago. I'm scheduling to increase cardio workouts to at least four times a week. Weights are more problematic: more planning has to go into them since I have to deal with crowds the weightroom. Current plan is to hit the gym during my lunch hour starting at least twice a week and, hopefully, move up to four or even five times a week.

Huh. Maybe I should start including one weekend day in my weight-training. I'm already including a cardio class.

Changing one's eating habits have been more difficult. I originally planned to basically have soup and salad for dinner with my day meals consisting primarily of soups and (healthy) fixings such as sandwiches. Not too successful in either technique. I have kept my weight down, though, making up in quantity (or lack of food) in the afternoon and evening even when consumed food is not too healthy (i.e., egg, cheese, and bacon bagel sandwich.)

Aid has come from some unlikely sources, though. Since our kitchen is being remodeled, I have no stove to cook with. And most of our bowls that I can use with our microwave are boxed away. Thus, I now look for healthy foods that can remain in the refridgerator (like salad) or packaged (like power bars.) And we have plenty of zero-cal "sugar" waters which I drink like a dehydrated man. Finally, I bought plenty of soups that can be quickly heated in the microwave and eaten from the can itself.

Finally, I have one more trick up my sleeve. (Well, I have several, but can't share them all at once, can I?) I read somewhere that consuming very hot and very cold food items can temporary sate one's appetite. I've tried it and it has worked: I have drunk a hot cup of (decaf) coffee many times at work while hungry and felt full. Later, I'd follow up with a long drink of the very cold water from the drinking fountain. While neither surpresses my hunger-induced headache (when one's hungry, the body tells you!), I can deal with that (usually with some trailmix).

Goal by year's end: reduce waist size to 36 or less, reduce fat percentage to 10% or less, and bigger and stronger upper body. (Pecs would be nice.)

***Return to the fold***
Attended the Monday step class last night. A few minutes late due to traffic. Saw several folks there whom I hadn't seen over a year.

While not a difficult class step-wise, the instructor ratched up the intensity. Seems someone had given her grief last week and she was still venting the issue. Ab exercises are still tough!

Side note: My weight has stabilized around 206, a loss of four pounds. Yes!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
***Lookin' good***
I hit the gym yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. Not only did I do cardio, but some (limited) weight training as well. Back to back. Ugh. Haven't done that in a while and my body let me know that. I can't believe my upper body is so weak. Bench press, here I come!

Despite the lack of air-conditioning in the classroom (which should be fixed by next week. Here's hoping), I realized I was infected with a bit of narcissism (sp?) while moving, spinning, flipping, and turning through the routine. I work out in front of a large mirror: I could readily see my sweaty body reacting to the effort. And I used to be much bigger and defined.

I want the latter back and there's nothing motivating of seeing (or being teased) of what one used to be. And I'm willing to work to get it back and then some.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Though I made some promising headway, I've had to curtail all workouts this week. We're remodeling the house which means moving lots of furniture, appliances, and other knick-knacks accumulated over seven plus years. We easily have over six thousand hardback books alone.

Thus, all physical efforts will be the traditional "grunt and brunt" variety with BSB (or whatevers playing on the radio) providing the only music.

Sigh. I can't wait to get back to the gym.

Friday, January 14, 2005
***Returning to the fold***
Tuesday night I participated in another step class, the second one this week. Afterwards, I joined my friends for our weekly night out. I discovered that I wouldn't eat more than half of my meal at the restaurant.

Good. That means my eating habits are changing. I already noted at the gym I lost at least a pound (possibly more) partially due to the workouts but more due to my eating habits during the day and evening.

Salad, anyone?

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